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MerchantSupermarket.com is your best choice for EMV and PCI compliant credit card terminals and paper rolls. We have the credit card machines, next-generation PIN pads, and payment gateway solutions you need to keep any business, big or small, running smoothly.

Whether your business is new or you have been established for some time, we have the equipment, accessories, and expertise to help you run your business in the best way possible.

MerchantSupermarket.com Supported Manufacturers:

Dejavoo SystemsFirst Data; Equinox; IngenicoVerifone; PAX

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Popular EMV & PCI Compliant Terminals


Dejavoo V8 Credit Card Terminal

Dejavoo V8 (Dual Comm)

Verifone Vx670 Wireless
Verifone Vx670 (Wireless)

Ingenico iCT250 DC

Ingenico iCT250 Dual Comm  

FD130 Terminal 

First Data FD130